Organic versus paid Marketing which is better for E-Commerce


Nowadays people are taking more interest in the terms organic marketing and paid marketing but not everyone is aware of what is the difference between these two terms and which is better. People across the geographies are eager to understand the actual terms and differences.

  • What is organic marketing
  • What is paid marketing
  • What is e-commerce
  • Comparison between both organic marketing and paid marketing
  • Interesting facts about both organic marketing and paid marketing
  • Conclusion
  • FAQS

What is E-commerce ?

E commerce stands for electronic commerce. E-commerce is an online platform in which we can easily buy or sell our products by using the internet and also we can transfer money. E-commerce has helped businesses to establish a wide market presence.

Due to this pandemic e commerce plays a vital role. In this situation the demand for an e-commerce business will increase day by day because People don’t prefer to go outside.

What is Organic Marketing

Nowadays organic marketing has become very popular. Organic Marketing is a natural way to attracts the customer that doesn’t directly cost money

It creates traffic to your business over time in a natural way. Inorganic marketing, by creating standard and highly visible content that provides anticipated customer values for no cost.

What is paid marketing ?

As we all know that paid marketing is the quickest way to attract the customer. Paid marketing is a type of advertisement that you have to pay money. In this, we can easily target and convert the audience quickly and directly.

Paid marketing is the most effective way to drive quick results and also helps to increase the sales.

Paid marketing helps to build brand awareness in less time and also increase customer engagement.

Comparison between both organic marketing and paid marketing

The organic versus paid marketing battle has been going around for many years. For an ideal situation, any marketer chooses both marketing’s, but if there can be only one choice then it is very difficult to choose because both have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Paid marketing helps retailers to achieve top position without spending too much time because the paid result can be seen within few days, whereas in Organic marketing retailers have to spend several months or even a year to build traffic and see significant results

Paid marketing helps retailers to test your product or the idea that whether its work or not within a short time and it also save time or money but in Organic promotion takes time to know the results.

In paid promotion creation of content takes less effort as compared to organic marketing. In Organic marketing, it takes a lot of time and effort to create high performing content and build consumer trust.

Interesting facts about both organic marketing and paid marketing

  • 86% of the marketers have been combined with the paid and organic tricks to be a part of social media.
  • 80% of the enterprises believe that organic marketing is the most important factor of marketing success.
  • 66% of the Facebook users likes organic marketing.
  • ∙ There are biggest challenges is measuring the ROI from social channels.
  • 64% of people find social media as inspiration of shopping.
  • 59% believe that paid social media is more effective than organic marketing.
  • 43% of B2B and B2C companies say that organic marketing is better than social media marketing.
  • 34% user uses YouTube for as their preferred advertisement.
  • 33% of Twitter preferred organic marketing overpaid marketing.
  • 24% of marketers think of Instagram as the best platform for marketing.
  • 13% of large companies do organic social media marketing.
  • 10% of total followers in Twitter are reached by the help of Organic Marketing.
  • On average the total expense in social media marketing done is $37 Billion per year.


In conclusion I would like to say that organic marketing is better than paid marketing because the customer comes to purchase the product naturally without any aggressive agreement. Organic marketing is an act that is done to increase the customer naturally over time. It does not involve any paid link promotion or any kind of bot. This is the greatest thing for e-commerce because you are detailing physical products. You cannot fake the marketing of a physical product. Your marketing should be legit and valid then only people will consider it as authentic. Therefore, a company should always practice Organic marketing. An organic marketing is a slow and steady approach but the thing is sure that whatever the user will be there of yours will be permanent because they will come on the basics of the product and they will be satisfied, that will help in increasing the efficiency of the company and the company will definitely gain profit for a longer period of time.

The short method will help you in getting the user faster but if your product is not as per the expectation of the customer then your company will face a lot of defamation and the customer might not trust your product forever.


Why is organic marketing important ?

Organic marketing is considered the best approach to reach your target customer. The customer comes after analyzing the authenticity of the product which makes them permanent.

What is the use of organic marketing ?

It helps in optimizing the SEO function. It helps in attracting more natural customers which shows various ways to optimize your business operations.

How to get paid Marketing ?

When creating a paid marketing using advertisement you get a lot of people visiting your site and they are guided by the paid marketing. You can get a lot of users with the help of paid marketing.

What is meant by mobile marketing ?

It’s a multi-channel, and a digital marketing strategy that is specifically used for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

How to find an Organic customer ?

We can get organic customers easily with the help of social media, hosts who are engaged in promoting the customer. It can also be done by referring a friend. The other is an important part in knowing your competitors because without knowing your competitors your marketing efforts will be considered pointless.

Updated: November 27, 2020
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